I realize there is one thing//nothing can take away


I don’t know what it is I feel…
Is what I see, sight?
Is what I hear, sound?
The words all fall apart
inside my mouth
yet I cannot taste them;
cannot touch them.
I feel my nose fracture
into pieces,
crumbling away.

The emotions inside me
dance around chaos.
They dance without inviting me,
Merely taunting and hazing me.
The only partner left
is my confusion.

Anger stomps around
on my feet
while joy makes my head spin
and confusion stumbles.

Sorrow stabs my eyes,
indifference takes my ears,
pity picks up pieces of my nose
and hunger eats them.
Confusion stutters twice more.

Hatred puts fire in my mouth
and desire takes my tongue.
Love grabs a stake
and drives it through my heart;
while understanding
beats a club against my head.
Confusion slips on the blood.

Finally, reason takes a hold of my throat
while hope silences me.
Confusion now turns around,
binding and throwing me into a box,
locking it and throwing the key.
Now lost to memory.

I have no emotions left:
no senses, no physical actions left,
so I become a lifeless husk.

Then, hope and pity come together
to send me a gift:
one small shred of my mind.

I realize there is one thing
nothing can take away:
the world I shall perceive
will never leave me.

~Sunshine Hauck

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

(Original image by Entropy2 of deviantart)

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